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At A+ Hardwood Floors, we understand how important a solid foundation is for your hardwood floors. For this reason, we offer top-quality underlayment solutions in Denver, CO and surrounding areas that ensure durability and longevity for your new flooring investment. Our team of hardwood experts thoughtfully selects and installs high-quality underlayment materials to ensure benefits like optimal soundproofing, moisture protection, and adequate support for your hardwood floors. With over 25 years of industry experience, we understand that the right underlayment can make all the difference in your hardwood flooring's performance and lifespan. By choosing our business, you can rest assured that our highly skilled professionals will handle every aspect of the underlayment installation process with precision and care. We urge you never to compromise on the quality of your hardwood flooring project. Instead, trust our flooring business to provide a stellar customer experience and exceptional results that exceed your expectations.


What is floor underlayment’s purpose?

Installing your new flooring over your structure’s subfloor can result in substantial repercussions that negatively impact its durability and lifespan. A+ Hardwood Floors always offers underlayment to ensure you enjoy all this essential material’s benefits when you place hardwood in your home or business. Floor underlayment is a thin material we place over your subfloor. This material remains underneath your floor covering and serves multiple purposes. Underlayment also comes in many forms and materials, and we’ll work with you to determine which one works best for your flooring and structural needs. For instance, placing underlayment under your new flooring makes installation easier because we have a smooth, flat surface. This surface also creates a more beautiful appearance after we finish installing your flooring.



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What are the benefits of underlayment?


Installing underlayment to go under your flooring comes with several benefits, and A+ Hardwood Floors' team works quickly and carefully to ensure you enjoy all of them. Underlayment as part of your residential or commercial floor installation may provide the following benefits to your home or business spaces:

  • Moisture Protection – Moisture penetration is one of the quickest ways to destroy subfloors, and this issue is common with hardwoods and luxury vinyl flooring. Having underlayment helps safeguard your floors by blocking water vapors and moisture before they get to your flooring materials.
  • Insulation – Colorado winters can get frigid, leading to cold floors and discomfort when you get up in the morning. This issue is preventable because underlayment acts as an insulator to help you avoid placing your bare feet on freezing hardwood or luxury vinyl flooring.
  • Soundproofing – As people walk across floors, the soles of their shoes and bare feet can clank against the material. Fortunately, underlayment can eliminate hardwood's hollow clanking sound by absorbing sound as people and pets trek across it.
  • Better Adhesion – In many cases, the flooring installation process improves when we must adhere flooring material to the surface below. Underlayment provides a better surface for flooring to bond to, and that bond can help your floor last longer.
  • Softens Flooring Underfoot – You don't want to feel uncomfortable by stepping down on a brutally hard surface. We can use underlayment to soften your floors and make the impact less jarring. Your daily walking can be more comfortable, thanks to the cushion you get from underlayment.

Types of underlayment professionals use


Deciding on which underlayment type to use at your home or business requires considering various factors, including price, benefits, and how rigid or soft you want it to be. A+ Hardwood Floors will discuss your project details to narrow down the selection and determine the perfect option for your flooring installation. Our concern is to ensure you get the qualities you need from underlayment while keeping it within your price range. Underlayment is made with many materials, and they can vary in their hardness or softness and provide various benefits, like acting as a vapor barrier. We’ve listed several underlayment options professionals use in residential and commercial flooring projects:

  • Panels
  • Plywood
  • Cement Board
  • Felt or Fiber Underlayment
  • Foam or Cork
  • Oriented-Strand Board
  • Rosin Paper
  • Vapor Barrier
Underlayment in Denver, CO from A+ Hardwood Floors

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Your new flooring can be beautiful and last for decades with a top-quality installation and regular care and maintenance. With the right underlayment, you can improve your new floor’s durability and extend its longevity. A+ Hardwood Floors is a proud member of the greater Denver, CO area businesses. We enjoy helping homeowners and business owners get the most out of their new flooring investments, including outstanding underlayment selection and placement. Our team is ready to work with you to understand your unique style, space, needs, and goals and help you pick out and install the ideal flooring. Get in touch with us today to start your journey to attractive, long-lasting floors, starting with a free estimate covering your project’s cost.