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Welcome to A+ Hardwood Floors, where we specialize in hardwood floor refinishing at Denver, CO-area properties. Do your hardwood floors look worn out and lack the flawless shine and luster they had years ago? Our team of highly skilled professionals is ready to transform your floors into stunning focal points for family and guests. With years of experience and impressive industry expertise, we're proud of our reputation for providing top-quality refinishing services that breathe new life into your hardwood surfaces. We cover all the necessary steps, from sanding and staining to sealing and polishing. Our comprehensive range of solutions are tailored to meet each customer's specific needs. Furthermore, our attention to detail, commitment to outstanding service and work quality, and use of premium flooring materials set us apart from our competitors. Choose us to handle your hardwood floor refinishing needs and experience the difference we can make in your home.


Fix worn & damaged wood with hardwood floor refinishing


Over time, A+ Hardwood Floors can sustain substantial wear and tear. The original finish fades as foot traffic takes its toll, and sunlight dulls the wood's color. Additionally, scratches and gouges from pets and furniture can make your floors look worse for wear. However, we have a solution that doesn't involve the typical mess and headaches. A+ Hardwood Floors offers a unique process that lets you restore your hardwood floors without leaving dust all over your home. If any deep scratches, stains, or gaps remain, we meticulously screen and fill your floor to ensure it has a flawless finish. After prepping your floors, our technicians apply an eco-friendly finish to give your hardwood a beautiful color without the ecological drawbacks. By choosing A+ Hardwood Floors, you can restore your damaged floors without the hassles of wood dust, nauseating chemical fumes, or lingering odors. Even in cases where your floors have severe damage, our quick refinishing process lets you enjoy your beautiful floors in no time.




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What steps does hardwood refinishing include?


Refinishing hardwood floors is not as complicated as you might imagine, but you still want a trained professional to carry out the process. With our team’s skill set and expertise, A+ Hardwood Floors performs refinishing with timely, careful work to ensure you get the best results without risking damage to your home. Furthermore, trying to do your own floor refinishing may not reap the high-quality results you need to keep your home beautiful and maintain or improve its value. Our technicians will gladly handle every step of the process, so you can rest easy knowing your hardwood will look stunning again. We’ve described the typical hardwood refinishing steps below:

  • Prep – The process starts with marking off the relevant area, cleaning debris off the surface, and removing nails, staples, or carpet on the floor.
  • Sanding – Our technicians remove your old finish with a dust-free technique for your benefit. Additionally, we remove all dings, dents, and scratches while correcting minor warping.
  • Staining – We have various stains for you to consider for your hardwood surface, including eco-friendly hardwood products to protect the environment without sacrificing stain quality.
  • Finish – To complete the process, we coat your hardwood floors using an eco-friendly finish that seals the surface and locks in your hardwood’s appearance for years.

Benefits of letting A+ Hardwood Floors handle refinishing


A+ Hardwood Floors has spent over 25 years serving the flooring needs of residents and businesses in and around Denver, CO. Our impressive products and services cover a wide array of projects, including wood floor refinishing, hardwood repairs, maintenance tips, wood stairs and railings, and brand-new hardwood floor installations. Furthermore, our collection of flooring products encompasses a broad range of hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, and waterproof options. You get many other benefits by turning to us to refinish your hardwood floors. A couple of examples are our eco-friendly products and finishes and our utilization of dust-free hardwood services to make your project more comfortable and convenient. If your existing hardwood flooring needs professional attention to restore its condition and appearance, or you require flooring installation services, we’re the one business you need to contact.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Denver, CO from A+ Hardwood Floors

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Your old, worn, or damaged hardwood floors can look fantastic again when you invest in A+ Hardwood Floors’ refinishing services. We gladly help homeowners beautify their homes and improve their value without pulling up and replacing their current hardwood. Instead, our team can revive your wood surface’s condition and appearance with a professional hardwood refinishing process.

However, if you decide to place brand-new flooring in your home in Denver, CO or surrounding areas, we encourage you to reach out to us or visit our showroom to discover our options. Get in touch with us online, over the phone, or in-person to discuss your flooring needs with our talented, friendly staff.