Use of danish oil on hardwood floors

Use of danish oil on hardwood floors

Using Danish Oil on Wood Floors

There are many ways to finish a hardwood floor. Danish oil is the preferred choice for A+ Hardwood Floors. On maple wood flooring, it provides a beautiful shine without making the floor slippery and dangerous. You get a wonderful looking satin finish throughout the whole house. Composed of linseed and tung oil, it dries incredibly hard and protects your floor from common spills and damage. Homeowners all across Denver and the rest of Colorado have chosen to use this finishing option in their home because of all the amazing benefits it can offer.

When you need your floor re-finished or you are looking to have hardwood floors installed and then finished, A+ Hardwood Floors is here to help you find the perfect option. We perform all actions from installation, sanding, finishing, to re-finishing in your home. Choosing the right finish requires someone with experience in the field. For more than 20 years, residents in Denver have trusted our opinion when looking to update or remodel their flooring options. When you work with our dedicated staff, they will help you pick out the perfect finish to ensure all your needs and wants are met when it comes to tint and texture. Call today and see how we can help you invest in your hardwood flooring.

Danish Oil vs. Polyurethane Finish

There are many different options when you are looking to finish your new hardwood floors. Danish oil is often considered a blend because it requires a small of amount of varnish and tung or linseed oil, as opposed to polyurethane which mixes alkyd and synthetic resins to create different oils. We choose Danish oil thanks to its ease of application and quick drying performance. It only needs 24 hours to fully dry before it’s ready for buffing, while polyurethane needs longer to cure and isn’t as durable as Danish oil options. This longer period of curing can also affect your floor because it will gather dirt, dust, and dander, which can seriously change the outcome of its final appearance. And while you may have to refinish your floors more often with Danish oil, you will have stronger wood finished to last you longer than those done with polyurethane. You will also have more control over the colors should you want to switch things up after a few years. Polyurethane will only get darker with each coat. Using Danish oil can enhance the natural beauty or match the chosen aesthetic in your room and home.

Why Choose Danish Oil for Your Hardwood Floors

After you have installed new, beautiful hardwood flooring in your kitchen, dining room, or throughout the whole house, allow A+ Hardwood Floors to help even further and have it finished with Danish oil. Choosing the right hardwood flooring finish will help give it the fighting chance it needs to survive for many years to come. While there are other hardwood finishes to choose from out there, such as polyurethane, we believe Danish to be the best given the amount of benefits it offers over its competitors. Below are some of the advantages your hardwood will experience once you make the decision to use Danish oil as opposed to non-oil finishes:

  • Floor can get re-coated without the need for sanding services
  • Dents and dings in the wood are much easier to repair
  • The hard oil doesn’t crack, chip, or peel away
  • Cleaning is highly manageable, needing a simple sweep or vacuum
  • Penetrates wood to protect from within each slat
  • Get a satin finish in all sorts of colors to match style

How A+ Hardwood Floors Applies Danish Oil

Once you are ready to make the switch to hardwood floors, the A+ Hardwood Floors team will help you find the perfect option, install it, and then apply Danish oil to help protect your new investment. We can also assist when you need to refinish your floors. We believe Danish oil is the best protector for your floors and choose this option to give your floors the best chance possible. This process is easy enough for the professionals, so if you need help, realize we are here to assist and get the job done correctly. We will also give you advice on regular maintenance and how to protect it even better after we leave and in between visits. Below is how we complete a Danish oil application:

  1. We’ll begin by cleaning your floors. We avoid mops and water when cleaning as this will damage the wood before we even begin. Instead, we’ll use a vacuum and then finish with a dry mop or cleaning pad.
  2. Next, we will apply the oil using dry cloths soaked with the oil, but not dripping. Our team will apply in a test area to ensure you are happy with the color and finish.
  3. Once you approve, we move on to the rest of the floor, applying the Danish oil in gentle back-and-forth motions and going with the grain and not against it. If you don’t work along the grain, there is a potential for the grain to rise and create a rough patch. Darker areas may also need to have more applications than others to reach the desired color.
  4. After letting the Danish oil set for five minutes, we wipe up any access oil. The floor will need at least 24 hours to fully dry and set into each plank of your new hardwood floor.
  5. Finally, our team will come through with our buffering machines to help smooth out any areas where excess oil was built up and to achieve the perfect satiny finish. Afterward, we will touch up any lighter spots with more Danish oil to help make it all equal in color.

Benefits of Choosing Danish Oil for Your Hardwood Floor

Ease of application is only one of the main benefits to using Danish oil when finishing your new hardwood floors within your Denver, CO home. There are a multitude though, and when you hire A+ Hardwood Floors to do your hardwood finishing we can help explain all the benefits of using this blended oil finish. Rely on us when you have questions and check out the list of benefits when you are thinking about what finish to use on your hardwood floors:

Enhance the Natural Beauty – Since Danish oil finishes soak into the wood planks instead of becoming a layer on top of it, it allows the color beauty of your selection to really shine. You chose your hardwood based on its tint and texture, so allow Danish oil to help preserve instead of darkening it with polyurethane finishes.

Highly Durable – Polyurethane finishes add a layer on top of your wood planks to help give it protection from moisture and damage, but Danish oil penetrates the wood for durability, making the entire plank stronger for a superior durability. You may have to reapply more often, but your floor will be stronger with each application. Even when damage occurs to your hardwood floor, it is easily repaired with a spot finish. Polyurethane will require you to completely sand and refinish a much larger area and it can be difficult to match the original color as well.

Environmentally-Friendly – Danish oils and other natural oils used to finish hardwood floors carry far less VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than polyurethane and other finishes used in construction. They are safe for your family, pets, and friends to be around and won’t make you vacate the premises for up to 48 hours. Technically, you don’t ever have to refinish your floors after using this product, but most do to help with any damage done. However, it will always be protected from moisture, which is the main reason for finishing your floor.

Ease of Cleaning – After applied and dried, cleaning your hardwood floors is as easy as vacuuming or sweeping once a week. Since the entire board is soaked and protected, you can use damp mops with no problem or worry of warping the board.

Variety of Colors – Opposed to poly and other urethane wood finishing treatments, you can choose any tint you would like for your floor with Danish oil without the need for a stain. And if you’re not after the matte or satin finish, our team can apply a coating of wax to give you a nice glossy finish. Although applying a wax layer may require more upkeep once we finish.

Reach Out to A+ Hardwood Floors for Help with Danish Oil

If you still have questions or wish to inquire about the benefits of finishing your hardwood floors with Danish oil, please give us a call. Our professionals have dedicated themselves to understand the pros and cons of all available options for this project and will happily chat with you about your floor needs. We will help you find the perfect option and even get the job done for you. We will also give you all the necessary tips and tricks to maintain your beautiful flooring in between our re-finishes.