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Refinishing Hardwood Floors in Denver, CO & Surrounding Areas

Hardwood floors add value to any home, but maintenance goes beyond the initial hardwood flooring installation. Have your scratched or splintered hardwood floors seen better days? Refinishing hardwood floors can breathe new life into them, transforming old, worn surfaces into floors that look almost as good as new again. However, wood floor refinishing may not always be necessary. For floors with minor scratches or dents, you may be able to buff them and apply a protective coat of polyurethane instead. Floors that are damaged beyond the point of no return may just need to be replaced. As wood floor refinishing experts in the Denver, CO area for over 25 years, A+ Hardwood Floors offers advice for homeowners on the fence about getting their wood floors refinished. Read on to discover the top signs your hardwood floors need to be refinished. If it’s time for refinishing, give us a call for a free estimate!

Do Your Wood Floors Have Large Scratches and Dents?

Hardwood floors get scratched for various reasons. From your pets running around and scratching them with their nails to you rearranging your furniture and skidding it across the floor, scratches happen. A few marks here and there may not be a big deal to you, as you can strategically hide some of them with well-placed area rugs. However, when the scratches start to add up or cover a wider area of your wood flooring, it may be time to refinish your floors. How deep the scratches are often dictates when refinishing or replacing is necessary. If the scratches go beyond the wood’s stain, moisture could seep into your wood and cause worse damage. Deep gouges will need to be sanded down until your floor’s surface is once again even, followed by refinishing to protect them in the future.

Are Your Hardwood Floors Beginning to Splinter?

Splintering wood floors don’t only look unattractive, but they’re also a safety hazard. Splinters can become painfully lodged in your skin if you walk across the floor barefoot. If you have splintered edges or even worse – nails poking through your floorboards – it’s likely time to refinish your floors for safety reasons. Floor sanding may be necessary to restore a smooth flooring surface. We’ll also add a fresh coat of sealant to protect your floors for many years to come.

Have Your Floors Changed Color Dramatically Over Time?

It’s no secret that sunlight causes many things to fade over time, including your hardwood flooring. If your floors have begun to change in color significantly, refinishing can restore them in no time. Some discoloration is normal in the aging process, but there could be other factors causing it. Sunlight tends to lighten your floor’s wood grain. If your floors have darkened in color, water stains could be to blame. We may need to treat the affected areas before refinishing them to ensure they’re protected from future discoloration. You can also take steps to limit the amount of sunshine on your floors day after day. Closing your blinds or curtains for part of the day can help you protect them from fading as quickly.

Have Your Wood Floors Failed the Water Test?

Here’s a handy trick to determine if your hardwood floors could benefit from refinishing. Pour about a tablespoon of water onto your hardwood floor. Does the water form small droplets or pool into a puddle? If so, then your finish’s sealant is still strong, and you don’t have to worry about refinishing your hardwood floors for a while. However, if the water absorbs into your floor’s wood and disappears, your floors aren’t sealed properly, and they could use refinishing right away to avoid severe water damage from leaks and spills, as well as the moisture caused by your home’s humidity levels.

Get a Free Estimate for Wood Floor Refinishing in Denver, CO

Have you noticed worn spots in high-traffic areas of your home? Or perhaps you think your hardwood floors are starting to look a little outdated. We may suggest refinishing your floors with a different stain to elevate their appearance without completely redoing them. Our hardwood floor refinishing services in Denver, CO can help you add resale value to your home without breaking the bank. We use state-of-the-art refinishing equipment and procedures to make the process as dustless as possible for little-to-no mess and minimal disruption to your routine. Contact us today to request a free refinishing estimate!