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Make Floors Shine Like New With A+ Hardwood Floors’ Advice

Hardwood floors offer timeless beauty and durability, but they also tend to be more high maintenance than other flooring types. However, you shouldn’t shy away from choosing hardwood floors for your Denver home, as there are ways to avoid or revive dull hardwood floors. With the right amount of elbow grease and dedication, you can restore and protect your investment for many years to come. Should you ever wish to sell your home, hardwood flooring adds plenty of resale value to make all your hard work more than worthwhile. As hardwood floor installation specialists for over 25 years, A+ Hardwood Floors provides tips and tricks for making those dull wood floors shine like new again. Reach out for more info!

What Causes Dull Hardwood Floors in Your Home Over Time?

First, let’s look at common reasons why your hardwood floors may appear dull. No matter what type of hardwood flooring you choose, wear and tear from constant foot traffic can dull its shine over time. Your family is going to track in dampness and dirt from the outdoors. Small children – and even adults –may accidentally spill food and drinks on your hardwood floors, staining them over time. If you have pets, their nails tend to leave scratches and dents behind whenever they run across your wood floors.

Likewise, wearing high heels or cleats inside your house puts a lot of pressure on your floors, leading to holes, scratches, and dents that all eat away at your hardwood flooring’s finish. Daily exposure to sunlight streaming in through your windows can also lead to wood floor discoloration and even warping in extreme cases. Remembering to clip your pet’s nails, keeping your curtains closed during the day, and installing tinted windows can all go a long way in protecting your wood floors.



Are You Using the Wrong Cleaning Products on Wood Floors?

You could be using the wrong cleaning products on your hardwood floors. It is important to clean your hardwood floors properly. Be aware of products that claim to be safe for wood floors and really aren’t. Using cleaning products with harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach could strip away your hardwood floors’ finish. Likewise, using abrasive sponges or scrub pads can also wreak havoc on hardwood floors. While you may feel good about using floor wax or polish on your hardwood floors, over-waxing them can lead to built-up residue, which can be difficult to remove and make floors appear cloudy or dull. You might want to consider adding a polyurethane finish to keep you from over-waxing your floors. You may need your wood floors refinished at least a few times before resorting to replacing them altogether. A+ Hardwood Floors specializes in hardwood floor refinishing for Denver-area homes. Our dustless wood floor refinishing services are affordable and hassle-free. Contact us today for more details about the process or to request a free estimate.


How Often Are You Cleaning Your Home’s Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors require regular maintenance. You’ll have to keep them clean to protect their finish. However, you must take the time to clean them properly. If you don’t sweep or vacuum your floors before mopping them, you’re just redistributing the dust across their surface. This can contribute to their dullness, not to mention when the dirt mixes with your mop water, it can leave behind a gritty residue on your floors. We recommend using soft-bristle brooms, micro cloths, and hardwood floor cleaners for the best results. Buffing your floors dry after mopping them can help you prevent streaks. A word to the wise: using too much water when mopping your hardwood floors can cause wood rot and stains. Using too much cleaner is never a good thing either. It’s better to err on the side of caution and use smaller amounts of cleaners on your hardwood floors to preserve them. Check out these other helpful tips on how to clean hardwood floors.

If Deep Cleaning or Refinishing Doesn’t Work, Contact Us

There are glossy wood floor restoration products available on the market but be sure to use these with caution. If a deep cleaning or professional refinishing doesn’t seem to breathe new life into your hardwood floors, they could be scratched up to the point of no return. Hardwood floors may be timeless in their beauty, but they aren’t made to last forever. It may be time for a flooring replacement. A+ Hardwood Floors installs many types of pre-finished and engineered wood floors. We also have many eco-friendly floors and finishes to show you if you’re interested. Contact us today for a free estimate!