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Choose Pre-Finished Natural Hardwood Flooring from A+ Hardwood Floors

Pre-finished natural hardwood flooring is an even easier way to add brightness to any home in Denver. This beautiful flooring option is protected with a factory-level coating system to make it even sturdier than usual. Because it comes coated, you can walk on it as soon as A+ Hardwood Floors is finished installing. Traditionally, we would install your chosen wood planks, then begin the finishing process with sanding and finishing. The downside to this method is you will have to wait a full 24 hours after we complete the final layer to be able to walk around your home. More planning is needed to help guide ourselves throughout your home while still allowing you access. With pre-finished natural hardwood flooring, we can install during the day to have you dancing on it the same night.

At A+ Hardwood Floors, our professionals can help you find the right species paired with a beautiful finish to match your existing décor and aesthetics or decide on something new when remodeling a room in your Denver, CO home. For more than two decades, our teams have helped residents upgrade their space with pre-finished natural hardwood flooring. Visit our shop today to see the planks for yourself and begin the fun process of adding this incredible feature to your home.

What is Pre-Finished Natural Hardwood Flooring?

It used to be a drawn-out process when you purchased all-natural hardwood flooring and wanted it installed. Once you completed the cutting and placing of each plank, you then had to spend a long time sanding and leveling. This made for a larger mess to clean up before you laid down your stain and finish. Our team would have to wait for each coat to dry, and then once finished, it could take up to 24 hours for it to fully cure and dry. You would have to stay out of the house, or at least off the floor, for an extended period. With pre-finished natural hardwood flooring, we can get it installed, and you can walk all over it later the same evening. Each plank is coated with factory-grade finish, making it more reliable than any professional could with a traditional method. This coating also helps make it more water and stain-resistant. It can be applied to any number of tree species as well, so it does not limit your choices when shopping.

Pros and Cons with Pre-Finished Natural Hardwood Flooring

As with any flooring, there are pros and cons to making your selection. Thankfully, you have a friend in the industry to help guide through the many options before you land on pre-finished natural hardwood flooring. Before you buy anything, allow us to help you gain some of the knowledge we have gathered over the past 20+ years in the industry. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable and friendly staff.


Wide Selection – If there are a tree species offered as a hardwood flooring option, you can bet there is a manufacturer who offers it in a pre-finished format. There is an array of styles and sizes to choose from to ensure you get the home you have always desired.

Save Time on Installation – Installations are now a breeze with pre-treated options. We simply need to nail or staple them into your subfloor, and then we’re done. We help you save time spent out of the house and off your flor by working efficiently to get your new flooring installed.

Better Protected Flooring – Manufacturers have a far better and higher-quality selection of finishes to choose from in their shops, and they are guaranteed to make your planks the most reliable possible. They often use aluminum oxide crystals embedded in a UV-cured urethane coat to help protect against the sun and moisture as well.

Easy Clean – Simply sweep or vacuum these floors at least once a week to help keep dust and dirt from getting into the air or scratching your floors. You will want to be careful of your beveled edges, though, as they can gather dust, leading to more allergens disrupting your indoor air quality. Read tips on how to clean prefinished hardwood floors.

Money-Saving Opportunity – Since the time it takes us to install is cut down dramatically, it also helps cut down the cost of having a professional do the installation. While they do make it very simple, having A+ Hardwood Floors perform this task ensures it gets done appropriately.


Dirt Traps in Bevels – If you have problems with indoor allergens, then you may have to pay special attention to the dirt and dust gathered in these tiny nooks. You should be able to get them with a broom or vacuum, but if they are left to collect, they can cause issues with your flooring.

Re-finishing to Original Strength – Since there is such a thick layer of finish on your pre-finished natural hardwood flooring planks, re-finishing prevents a problem. To be able to get through to the actual plank requires quite a lot of sanding. We will not have the materials factories do, so they may not be as strong as when you initially purchased them and will need to be re-finished sooner

Allow A+ Hardwood Floors to Help with Your Denver Flooring

When you are having a difficult time deciding which type of hardwood flooring to install in your home, please reach out to A+ Hardwood Floors to get all the professional help you need. We answer questions and make your flooring dreams come true. Give us a call to set up an appointment or visit our showrooms in Denver today!