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A+ Hardwood Floors Installs Pre-Finished Engineered Flooring

Making the investment decision to include engineered hardwood floors has become even more accessible by providing you the option of purchasing pre-finished flooring for your Denver, CO home. We can quickly get either option nailed, stapled, or glued since the planks are already finished. We also offer quite the selection of wood species with a multitude of different stains and finishes to help match your existing décor and aesthetic. You get a lifetime structural warranty on all pre-finished flooring installations as well. This option can be sanded and re-finished, just like any other hardwood flooring we provide.

The residents of Denver, CO have trusted our flooring team to help them get the right flooring for their living room, kitchens, dining room, offices, and more for over 20 years. We are experts in the field and have studied all the ways to get them installed and which model will be perfect for your home. If you are building a new home or you are looking to change it up in a remodel, let us help you get rid of your old and outdated carpet or laminate flooring and replace it with pre-finished flooring. You will love the way it looks, and you’ll be able to see it before we even begin the installation process! Call today or visit our shop to see the selection of hardwood flooring for yourself.

What is Pre-Finished Flooring?

After you make the choice to lay down hardwood flooring, our team will cut and install it, no problem. Once we get this task completed, we would work with you to choose a stain and finish to apply after installation. The time it takes to find the right combination and application adds time to the project. Now, you can purchase pre-finished hardwood flooring to get precisely what you want and see the finished results before you even put it in the cart! A+ Hardwood Floors helps you match your existing style or enables you to build an entirely new flooring option when you are tired of spilling wine on your carpet. While they may be a little more expensive, they significantly cut down on the installation costs since we won’t have to sand and finish them ourselves, but have no fear, the manufacturers have done a great job preparing their selections for the install.

Pros and Cons of Using Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring

As with any flooring option, there are advantages and disadvantages when making your selection. Denver has relied on us for over two decades because we are with them throughout the entire process. Ready to help by answering any questions, making the selection, and getting the final product installed within their homes. We work efficiently and effectively to get you the best results possible. Our team will also help you maintain your floors while in between our visits, but we can also perform these actions as well the keep your floors looking their best all throughout their lifespan.


Durability and Longevity – When we perform the sanding and finishing ourselves, but when the manufacturer applies them, they have greater access to better chemicals to ensure your planks last as long as possible. Most site-finished hardwood floors can last up to five years before they need sanding and re-finished. With pre-finished hardwood flooring, you can count on them for up to 25 years.

Ease of Installation – Since your planks are already finished, all our installers need to do is get them laid into your room. The hardest part about this is making the cuts to get them snug in corners and around other architectural structures such as pillars and more. Depending on the size of the room, we could have this project wrapped up in one day, and you can walk on your floors the same night. And since engineered wood flooring can be glued, your subflooring will already be leveled to give a perfectly flat surface.

DIY Maintenance – Since the manufacturer can apply stronger finishes, the planks are more resilient to spills, stains, and damage. The maintenance required is also lessened. You will just need to ensure you sweep or vacuum once a week. You will still want to avoid using a mop and water because the seams aren’t sealed together. This cleaning tactic could lead to huge problems if you don’t dry them properly. If you select engineered hardwood, we can even get them installed in the basement. Pre-finished hardwood floors give you all the beauty without the hassle.


Extensive Sanding – The pro of factory finishing is you won’t have to worry about re-finishing for years, but when it comes, it will be a hassle. This requires hard work and extensive sanding to get the top layer removed so you can repair scratches and other imperfections for the previous 25 years.
Rounded Edges – Depending on your choice in style, we have labeled this as a “con.” Pre-finished engineered hardwood floors will have rounded or beveled edges to them. Unfinished planks tend to have more squared edges to them, so of this meets your standards for style, then pre-finished may not be for you.

Call A+ for Pre-Finished Engineered Hardwood Floors

When you are looking for the perfect flooring option in your Denver, CO home, call the professionals at A+ Hardwood Floors. We use our expertise to find you’re the right flooring and will introduce you to pre-finished engineered hardwood flooring. There is a vast selection of choices, and you can find everything you need in our showroom. We’ll also get them professionally installed as well. Call today to schedule a visit!