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Green – Eco Friendly Flooring in Denver, CO

At A+ Hardwood Floors, we believe that beautiful floors in your home or business do not need to be at the cost of our environment. We offer environmentally-friendly hardwood floors, low-VOC (volatile organic compound) water-based finishes, and eco-conscious products. Our green and eco-friendly flooring is made from sustainably harvested, recycled or reclaimed sources, and is available in most colors and species of our traditional hardwood flooring.

Environmentally Conscience Elegance & Charm

Benefits of eco-friendly flooring include:

  • Low impact on environment
  • Same great look and function
  • Unique reclaimed wood flooring

Our VOC water-based finish and non-toxic adhesives are also a great option if you are highly sensitive to odors. Engineered hardwood flooring looks as appealing as traditional flooring and wears just as well. Salvaged, or reclaimed, wood can enrich the story of your home. Speak with our friendly representatives about our green options by reaching out to us today at 303-477-9110.

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