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A+ Hardwood Floors Offers Help When Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a great choice for any home in Denver and beyond. They do come with certain amount of responsibility though. Giving them a proper cleaning is more than running a vacuum or sweeping up the crumbs and dust on their surface. There is a delicate balance you need to maintain to keep this flooring option looking its best. You can’t be too rough with the harsh chemicals because they can remove the stain or finish. You also need to act quickly depending on what has made your floor dirty because you don’t want it to stain the beautiful grain you’ve had installed. A+ Hardwood Floors is here to give you all the tips and tricks you need to know before you begin to clean your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or any other room where you decided to have gorgeous hardwood floors installed.

A+ Hardwood Floors is here for all homes and businesses within the Denver, CO area when they decide to upgrade their outdated or extremely worn laminate or carpeted floors within their home and office. You can receive so many benefits with this decision such as longevity, increase in home value, beautiful looking, and the low maintenance required to keep them healthy. If you have other questions about how to install, what colors to match your home, or more, please call us today to get the help you need.

Difference Between Hardwood and Engineered Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is an inexpensive substitute for traditional hardwood options. It is constructed of layered plywood with the grain flowing in opposite directions for a stronger board and to help prevent damage from moisture. You can also purchase engineered hardwood floors to have the veneer of the industry’s best-looking woods to help give the same visual appearance. It is also often easier to take care of since it can withstand water better than old fashioned hardwood planks. While they may be a bit sturdier, they still need to be cleaned with attentive care. Vacuums, brooms, and dry mops are the preferred tools to use when removing dust, dirt, and dander. You can use a wet mop every couple of weeks or when there is a stain but be sure to ring out most of the water so it is only slightly damp.

Why is Cleaning My Hardwood Floors So Important?

Maintaining the cleanliness your hardwood floors is the best way to protect your investment, not only for your floors, but your home as well. If left uncleaned or treated, your hardwood floor’s finish can deteriorate and require you to replace it well before you should. There are simple steps you can take to prevent spending excess of cash on your floor and help give them the protection needed for the long-lasting life they are known to have. Below are some of the main culprits for damage done to your hardwood floors:

Hidden Dust and Dirt – You won’t be able to see these very easily unless you are up close. They get under the boards and cause damage to the finish when stepped upon by scratching the surface. You can vacuum and sweep at least once a week to prevent this from becoming a major problem.

Hairspray and Other Aerosols – Make sure when you are finished using either hairspray or other aerosols such as air fresheners, you clean up what reaches the floor. You can use a window cleaner and paper towel or a damp mop to remove these damaging chemicals. When you begin to notice a light clouding on your finish, these products are generally to blame.

Rain and Snow – If you didn’t have a welcome mat before hardwood floors, it is time you invested in one. Dragging in rain water or snow on your boots can be on the biggest reason why people see premature damage throughout their home. If these puddles are left to dry they can cause the finish on your hardwood to blister and bubble which will cause it to flake off and give it a discolored look. It will also be exposed to other elements if you don’t refinish it quickly.

Heavy Traffic – If you have newly installed or refinished hardwood floors in high traffic areas of your home, it is a good idea to get some rugs to help guide footsteps through each room. Whether you allow shoes or walk barefoot through the home, over time, you will begin to notice the shine disappear from your beautiful wood selection.

Do’s and Do Not’s of Cleaning Hardwood Floors

For over 25 years, we have been helping those in Denver make the move to hardwood floors. In this time, we have developed a professional list of Do’s and Do Not’s to help you protect your investment and keep your floors as beautiful as possible for years to come. No matter the type of wood you purchased, these are great tips for all homeowners.

DON’T: Use a wet mop when cleaning your hardwood floors. Leaving water on your floor for longer than a minute can start to do damage. It’s the same reason you need to use a coaster on finished wooden tables.

DO: Use gentle cleaning products such as dry mops and quickly evaporating cleaning products. They should be specifically labeled as safe for prefinished hardwood floors.

DON’T: Wear abrasive shoes such as heels or cleats because they will dig into the wood and leave openings for other elements to make their way in and cause harm to the wood.

DO: Use felt protectors on kitchen and family room furniture. The legs can dig into the floor when scooching your chair closer to the table or rearranging your room’s layout.

DON’T: Allow damp towels, rags, or rugs to stay on the floor for long. Get them up quickly and dry mop the affected area to prevent the moisture from harming your hardwood flooring.

DO: Use rugs throughout heavy traffic areas. They not only help protect the floor from shoes, but they also shield your floor from the sunlight which can discolor your hardwood stains and finishes.

DON’T: Allow pets to grow long nails or their accidents to settle. Their nails can scratch up the finish and their urine can soak into the wood and cause a lingering smell for months or years. You will be required to hire a professional to remove the stench.

DO: Maintain the temperature in your home. Quickly moving from very cold to warm temperatures can affect the wood by warping it and causing lasting damage such as loosening the nails holding your hardwood planks down.

What Should I Use to Clean My Hardwood Floors?

You may think you can just use hot water and soap to clean your floors like you would with tile or laminate flooring. Cleaning hardwood floors requires more attention to the tools and materials used to not cause further damage than the dirt is already doing. You want to start by figuring out what type of hardwood you have. Each type will help you figure out what supplies and solutions you need to clean them properly to not cause further damage. There are basic steps, however, to help keep all types of wood clean:

  • Use a dry mop or broom daily to remove gathered dust or crumbs
  • Use a vacuum constructed for flat floors once a week
  • Every other week use a well rung and damp mop with a specified hardwood cleaner for your type
  • Protect your hardwood with a finish
  • Revitalize your hardwood floor’s finish every three to five years to maintain the shine
  • After about a decade, you will want to sand and refinish your floors

How Can I Protect My Hardwood Floor Properly?

When protecting your hardwood or engineered flooring it is best to pay attention to the solutions you are using because each species of wood will react differently to specific protectants. You also want to make sure you are using the same kind of finish previously applied. Not all finishes work well together so using competing ones can leave your flooring open to damage. There are three main types of finishes you can use:

Surface – Urethanes and polyurethanes are some of the most popular surface finishing options for your hardwood or engineered flooring. They sit on top of the surface to create a durable, water-resistant layer and require minimal maintenance over the years. You will want to make note to never use wax- or petroleum-based products on this type of finish because they will damage it.

Wax – This hardwood finish soaks into the wood to create a more durable sat of wood. You should only use cleaning solutions created specifically for wax finished floors. These are easily found at local retail stores in the Denver. CO area. Maintaining them will require to apply thin layers of wax quicker than other options.

Acrylic Impregnated – If you are looking for the hardest and most durable finish, then you should choose this option. More often than not, this option is used in commercial areas such as restaurants and malls, but don’t let this stop you from finishing your floors with this powerful choice. You will also follow similar cleaning methods to surface finishes.

A+ Hardwood Floors Helps Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean

Rely on our knowledge and experience to help you find out how you can properly clean your hardwood floors. If you ever have questions or if you mess something up while cleaning or refinishing, reach out. Our team is here to help correct mistakes and help you have the most beautiful looking floors possible in your Denver, CO home.