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Learn More About Our Engineered Wood Flooring Options

Are you curious about engineered hardwood flooring and its potential benefits for your home or office space? A+ Hardwood Floors offers a wide selection of wood species with a variety of different stains and finishes to seamlessly match your existing aesthetic. Engineered wood floors can be sanded and refinished, just like any other high-quality hardwood flooring we provide throughout Denver, CO and the surrounding areas, including Englewood, Parker, Lakewood, and Littleton. You can count on our flooring experts to help you choose the right engineered wood floors for your kitchen, dining room, office, living room, bedrooms, and more.

With more than 25 years of experience delivering comprehensive hardwood flooring services to home and business owners throughout the Denver region, we’re confident you’ll love your new flooring before we even begin the installation. Below, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions we get about engineered hardwood floors. We’re happy to answer any other questions you have about our professional services and products. Contact our friendly team today or visit our showroom to view our beautiful selection of pre-finished engineered hardwood flooring for yourself!

What Is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered hardwood flooring is an alternative to solid hardwood floors and is made up of a core of hardwood, plywood, or HDF (high-density fiberboard) and a top layer of veneer that’s glued to the top surface of the core. Engineered wood flooring is available in nearly any hardwood species and has the natural characteristics of the selected wood species rather than a photographic layer. This product has been designed to provide greater stability and resistance to moisture, heat, and other things that pose problems for solid hardwood floors.

How Good Is Engineered Wood Flooring for a House?

Compared to other flooring types, engineered hardwood is more stable and versatile than solid hardwood and laminate. It’s also more resistant to humidity and moisture than solid hardwood, better for below-grade installations in basements, and can be installed over radiant heating systems. All these features make engineered hardwood a great addition to residential households.

How Thick Should Engineered Wood Flooring Be?

The quality of engineered hardwood mainly depends on the thickness of the top layer of the wood. The number of veneers in the core and finish coats the wood has also affects price and warranty. Typically, the more layers the engineered wood has, the better. Ensuring the wood is thick enough to handle heavy foot traffic is essential. Whether installed in a bedroom or kitchen, your new flooring must be thick enough for additional sanding and refinishing in the future.

What’s Best for Flooring: Engineered Wood or SPC?

SPC is a type of luxury vinyl flooring with a stone composite core with more stability and durability than a wood core. In addition, it costs less. This durable flooring option can be installed in any room in your home, including bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

Engineered hardwood and luxury SPC vinyl are both fantastic options for home flooring remodels. Each has different benefits and disadvantages that make one or the other a better fit for different households. Some homeowners choose SPC because it’s DIY friendly, waterproof, and easy to maintain. Others may select engineered hardwood for its unparalleled warmth, inviting beauty, and added value that genuine hardwood brings to a residence.

How Long Do Engineered Hardwood Floors Last?

Because engineered hardwood floors are incredibly durable when properly maintained and taken care of, they can last homeowners for decades. Thanks to the advanced design and quality composition of engineered flooring, which consists of multiple core pieces of plywood and a beautiful layer of hardwood, it can last up to 30 years in the right conditions.

What Are the Disadvantages of Engineered Wood Flooring?

At A+ Hardwood Floors, we believe engineered hardwood flooring is the perfect option for some households. However, there are some disadvantages that homeowners should be aware of before breaking ground on their remodel project, including the following:

  • Some manufacturers use cheap or weak materials to build their engineered hardwood flooring (You never have to worry about that when you team up with A+ Hardwood Floors).
  • Engineered hardwood floors can only be refinished if the solid wood veneer top layer is thick enough to sand.
  • It’s vulnerable to scratches, dents, and normal wear and tear.
  • It’s not waterproof and will warp if soaked or left in standing water for long periods of time.

When you schedule flooring services with A+ Hardwood Floors, you can rest assured that all the materials we use for your home’s flooring remodel are of the highest quality and guaranteed to last.

Can Engineered Wood Flooring Resist High Floor Traffic?

There tends to be a misconception that engineered floors are less durable than solid wood floors, but the truth is they can withstand large amounts of floor traffic without issue. In addition, engineered wood flooring is also great for rooms that experience temperature and moisture fluctuations.

Is Engineered Wood Flooring Treated Against Rot & Bugs?

Many homeowners choose engineered wood flooring for their remodel because it has greater defenses against natural wood’s worst enemies, insects, and rot. Special water-resistant waxes and zinc borate allow engineered wood flooring to resist decay and the infestation of unwanted pests.

Is Solid Wood Flooring Better Than Engineered Wood Floors?

At the end of the day, engineered wood flooring is a better choice in high-moisture environments than solid hardwood, making it a better option for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Both options offer a wide range of benefits and style choices for whole-house flooring installations. Most disadvantages of engineered wood are the same as traditional solid hardwood flooring, with the main problem being that it can’t be refinished repeatedly. The type of flooring you choose for your home depends on your personal preference and the functionality of the room you’re using it in.

How Do You Clean Engineered Wood Floors?

In general, you should stick to dry cleaning methods when maintaining your engineered wood flooring. Some of the best ways to keep your engineered hardwood floors in pristine condition include:

  • Regularly cleaning them with a dry microfiber mop or vacuum cleaner
  • Using a damp mop to clean them periodically based on how much traffic they get
  • Occasionally deep clean engineered hardwood flooring with water-based specialty cleaners

Contact A Plus Hardwood Floors Today

When you’re looking for the best engineered wood flooring for your home or business, call the professionals at A+ Hardwood Floors. We have more than 25 years of experience helping home and business owners find the right flooring in Denver, CO and the surrounding areas, including Englewood, Parker, Lakewood, and Littleton. We’ll even introduce you to a wide variety of pre-finished engineered hardwood flooring options in our showroom to get started. We’ll also get them professionally installed and take care of any flooring maintenance needs you have in the future.

The highly qualified team at A+ Hardwood Floors is fully bonded, insured, and we guarantee all our work. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our comprehensive hardwood flooring services, whether you need installation, repair, refinishing, maintenance, on one-on-one instruction for your DIY project. Contact us today to learn more about engineered hardwood flooring and get started with your free estimate!