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Engineered Wood Flooring or Hardwood Flooring?

If you are going through a remodel or you are building a new home in Denver, CO, you need to consider what type of flooring will be perfect for your home. Hardwood flooring is growing in popularity and it is a trend you won’t be seeing go away any time soon. Thanks to its natural looking elegance and sturdy build, both of these options are great choices for kitchens, family, dining, living rooms, and more. As with any option, there are pros and cons between your choices. Allow A+ Hardwood Floors to help you make the decision and choose the wisest investment.

Residents in Colorado have come to us for assistance when they need help choosing the right type of flooring option for their home. They have come to trust us thanks to our dedication we know all the ins and outs of these materials and can help not only meet your budget, but help you have a home you can be proud of each time you step through your door. To help start the decision-making process, we have included some important information about each option, but please feel free to reach out to us or visit or shop to see some examples for yourself.


Differences Between Engineered and Natural Hardwood Flooring

As anyone will notice, the biggest difference between natural and engineered hardwood is the manufacturing methods between the two. Natural hardwood planks are singular pieces cut from one tree. While engineered planks, or man-made planks, consist of multiple materials with a thin layer of natural wood placed on top to give it the appearance of oak, maple, pine, and more. There are more differences than you may think concerning these two, so to help we have listed them below:

dark hardwood flooring

Natural Hardwood: This flooring option has grown significantly in recent years, replacing carpet and laminate floors of the 80s and 90s, you get some much more beauty and resiliency in Denver, CO homes. While this option may be more expensive, the upfront costs of installation and purchase of materials is cut by the long life and endurance you receive, especially if you have pets and little ones running around the home. They bring heavy traffic and multiple spills, which natural flooring beats every time when compared to engineered hardwood options. It is an option guaranteed to make your investment worthwhile. You also have so many options to choose from since they utilize all wood. You can mix and match planks for a fun and unique look, or you can also choose a stain or varnish to give new life to your timeless flooring.

engineered wood flooring

Engineered Hardwood: The reason engineered hardwood was created was to help give you the appearance of hardwood without the initial high cost and to combat the inefficiencies of its more natural predecessor. Manufactured with multiple layers gives it the endurance reminiscent of natural wood planks and also having a final layer which helps to make it more water resistant. This layer also helps make it easier to clean by allowing mop and water to help remove sticky stains. You will still want to dry the floor quickly as it is not completely waterproof. The middle layers are also created with plywood, fiberwood, and sometimes natural wood to give it strength. It has become very popular recently thanks to being cost-effective and its ability to be installed anywhere in the home. Natural hardwood can’t be installed in basements and you to have a concrete slab as your home’s base layer.

A+ Hardwood Floors’ Installation Process

One of the great benefits of both natural hardwood flooring and engineered is their simple installation process. Another reason both have them have risen to such great popularity in homes around Denver, CO and the world is the exquisite beauty both can bring. Whether you are looking to achieve a more rustic aesthetic, or you wish to bring a natural appearance in your industrial downtown high rise, these flooring options are sure to be a talking piece for any space.

Natural Installation: Solid wood flooring has a few more limitations as to where it can be installed. Most homes with basements cannot get this type of flooring because it needs to be nailed directly into the subfloor. And if you have a slab or concrete subfloor, you are limited as well. A+ Hardwood Floors can help by installing a suitable subfloor, but this can lead to a more expensive process. Once installed though, it can last up to a hundred years if you keep up with proper maintenance. Every few years it will require you to sand and refinish to ensure its durability. Potentially sooner depending on how high the foot traffic is where you had it installed. Our team is here to help with it all.

Engineered Installation: Another easy flooring option to install and it has multiple methods we can use to get this stunning option into your home. We can either choose a traditional nailing or stapling like you would have with natural hardwood flooring, or our installers can use snap-and-lock method. You also have the choice to use a gluing installation process to securely lock them to your subfloor. One of the main advantages engineered hardwood has is we can install it anywhere! Now, if you want hardwood flooring in your basement, you can have it. The moisture resist option has manufactured for this very reason. And since we can glue it, you can have it if your home rests on concrete or a slab.

Benefits and Disadvantages Between for You Denver Home

While both are great choices and should be considered over traditional carpet or laminate options, they do have their drawbacks. A+ Hardwood Floors is here to help explain the benefits and disadvantages of each to help you understand which option would be best for your space and budget. We have been helping Denver resident make this selection for over 20 years and each time our customers become more and more happy with their decision.

Natural Hardwood Flooring:


Overall, natural hardwood flooring will be more durable in the long run. Simple sanding and refinishing every few years will help it stand the test of time. And because of this, you will see your home’s value rise on the market when it comes time to sell. Because the maintenance is so easy, new homeowners will be drawn to its elegance, even if it needs a touch up before moving in. When thinking of installing in the home this flooring option makes living and family rooms come to life. Allowing the sun to dance off each plank brings such brightness. You will also be able to enjoy the sunlight without the worry of dirt, dust, and allergens because thanks to your finish you can easy clean up your floors with a vacuum or broom. These allergens won’t stick to the floor like they may with carpet. And with such a wide array of tree species to choose from, you can match your existing décor or choose to change it up in a simple remodel. The installation process is so easy we can have it done in a day depending on the size of the room.


The con most easily noticed is the price of natural hardwood flooring. But if you are planning on staying within the home for several years this could also be seen as an investment. Also, considering where you are wanting to have it installed in your home, you may not be able to consider it as viable option. Overly moist areas such as your kitchen, bathroom, or basement will not able to have this flooring because it will begin to warp and discolor. We also cannot install natural hardwood in homes resting on concrete or slap because to get them set in place we will need to nail or staple them. You will also notice, while easy to repair or replace, it is very susceptible to dents and dings from heavy furniture or dropped objects. Even pets’ nails can cause damage if you do not keep trimmed.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring:


Engineered hardwood flooring was designed and created to fix the downfalls of its natural counterpart, so it is great for rooms where moisture gathers such as bathrooms and kitchens. A+ Hardwood Floors installers can help get them in the home in multiple ways depending on your house’s circumstances. We can even get this flooring installed in your basement without added worry of buckling and premature repairs. And if price was what held you back from purchasing natural hardwood, you are in luck! Mand-made wood planks are very affordable because they only have a slim piece of your chosen wood on top of two other layers. While neither flooring option is great for the environment, choosing engineered is a much better option because the trees used can grow back three times as quickly.


Issues with the thickness of the top level can change depending on the manufacturer. Some companies will skimp on this step which is another reason why they are a cheaper option than natural options. With those you know exactly what you are getting because of the tree’s species. Also, if they have used fiberwood in the middle layers they could be easily damaged. If repairs are needed there is also a finite amount of times its surface can be refinished. This can lead to early replacements which could add up in costs.

A+ Helps You Choose Your Flooring Investment

When you need help deciding which hardwood floor to purchase between engineered or natural, rely on the experience and knowledge of our well-educated team. We are here to guide you through the whole process. From purchasing to installing and repairing individual planks, our staff is there by your side. A+ Hardwood Floors will get you the floor of your home’s dreams. Call us today for further assistance.