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Choose the Best Stain for Your Hardwood Floor in Denver, CO

A+ Hardwood Flooring has over 25 years of experience in hardwood floor refinishing in homes in Denver, CO. We want to share our experience and knowledge with our customers who might be wondering how to choose the best hardwood stain for their floors to match their home’s look. There are endless possibilities with so many options, but it’s essential to look beyond just the color of the stain. We’ll discuss the importance of considering many factors, such as the room’s size, the type of foot traffic it receives, and the pros and cons of different finishes. Read on for great tips and contact us for all of your hardwood floor service needs!

Choosing Hardwood Floor Colors for Your Home

Whether you’re installing wood floors or considering hardwood stains for existing floors, the number of options can be quite overwhelming. Hardwood floors are a significant investment that will add tremendous value to any home. However, unlike floor coverings such as carpet or laminate tile, hardwood floors are not something that you will want to replace down the road. It is more expensive than replacing old carpet or tile and more disruptive to your home. It is essential to choose the right type of hardwood and color you will be happy with for years.

What Should I Consider in Hardwood Floor Colors?

As we mentioned, choosing a type of hardwood floor and the right color isn’t something you want to have to do multiple times while you own your home. When choosing décor, it can be easy to get caught up in trends of the moment and current style. However, when selecting hardwood floors, a good tip is to consider your color preference before anything else. If the decision is influenced by a current style trend, that trend may be out of style within a few years, leaving you unsatisfied with your floor choice. Remember, touches of current trends can be accented with less expensive and easier to change interior design options, such as paint colors, pieces of furniture, and window dressings when they fall out of style.

Does the Type of Hardwood Matter?

Once you have an idea of your color preference, you’ll need to consider what species of hardwood flooring you want if you don’t have existing hardwood floors. Whether it’s white oak, red oak, pine, ash wood, maple, bamboo, or another type of wood flooring, the grains of the wood will play a role in the appearance of the stain. Grains vary by wood type. Additionally, each species of wood reacts differently to stains. The same color stain will have a different finished look on pine than it will on maple, for example.

Hardwood Floor Stain Color Options

When it comes to the color of the stain you choose for hardwood floors, the possibilities are endless, and some choices have such minor differences in the hue that it can be difficult to even tell them apart. Don’t let that deter you from carefully considering your stain color options, though. Every home is unique, and whether it’s natural light through the windows or mood lighting at night, stain colors will produce a different effect in every home.

Considerations for Stain Colors

As you look through the various color options of stains for hardwood floors, you’ll naturally be looking to choose a stain that will best match your home’s look. We mentioned the species of wood will react differently to stains, but the hardness of the wood will affect the finished appearance as well. Think about how much sunlight the rooms in your home get. If you choose a dark stain, an already dark room void of natural light will have an even darker mood. How much light does the room get during the day versus at night? That’s an important consideration too. Another thing to think about is resale value. Do you see yourself being in your home forever? If not, choosing a hardwood floor and color stain that is too bold or makes a very dramatic statement in a room could be a turn-off for potential buyers when you go to sell your house. In-between tones, such as honey or butterscotch, are great choices because they stand the test of time and allow homeowners to design around them easily. They’re not too light and not too dark, providing the perfect backdrop to the personal style choices around your home.

The Pros and Cons of Light & Dark Colors for Hardwood Floors

Maybe you’re leaning towards a couple of color choices but unsure whether you should go with a light- or dark-colored hardwood floor. Many homeowners prefer traditional light-colored floors. Others opt for a sleek and modern dark color. Another prevalent choice we see more and more of are variations of gray wood flooring. It will be up to each individual homeowner to decide what works best for them, but there are pros and cons to consider that may help make your decision easier.

Pros of Light Colors

  • Light colors make small rooms feel larger.
  • It’s easier to match décor with light-colored floors.
  • Pairing light wall paint and window curtains with light floors helps expand the room to feel even larger.
  • They’re the perfect choice for a country-farmhouse feel.
  • Their natural grains are more visible.

Cons of Light Colors

  • Lighter colors lack the dramatic effect of darker colors.
  • Blemishes or imperfections, such as watermarks or pet stains, are more visible.
  • Stains can significantly alter the original hue of light-colored wood floors.

Pros of Dark Colors

  • Dark-colored hardwood floors add sophistication and elegance to rooms.
  • They’re great to use in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • They make rooms feel cozier and tend to showcase furniture more.
  • Darker floors can hide blemishes easily.
  • If you love dark wood floors but are concerned that a room might be too dark because of them, you can always offset that with other lighter colors on the walls and furniture.

The Cons of Dark Color Choices for Hardwood Floors

  • Darker floors make rooms feel smaller.
  • Nicks and scratches tend to be more visible, so not great for high-traffic areas or homes with pets or small children.
  • The beauty of the natural grains is harder to see.
  • Dust and pet hair stand out more, so they require frequent cleaning maintenance.

Take Home a Few Samples to View in Your Home

So, you’ve considered the numerous choices of wood types and the various stain colors available and finally narrowed your choices down to just a few. What’s next? Get some samples of your final choices to place on the floor in the rooms of your home for a couple of days. Live with them for a bit. As you pass through the rooms, notice how each of the samples interacts with other elements of the room, such as the painted walls, furniture, or curtains. Take note of the tone during the day when the sun is shining and at night when lighting reflects off the floors. Having ample time to observe each sample under all of these different conditions will allow you to get a true sense of how your new floor color choice will look and feel in the room.

A+ Hardwood Floors Has All of Your Wood Floor Needs

The beauty of searching for a hardwood floor and stain color is that you will have no shortage of options to find a choice that you love and suits your home. Choose a lighter color to make a room feel larger. Choose a dark color to add a taste of elegance. Need flooring in a high-traffic area or a home with pets? Consider the wear that your floors will receive when making a decision. While the final choice will always come down to personal taste, at A+ Hardwood Floors, we hope that considering some of these points will help you find the perfect hardwood flooring stain color in Denver, CO. Contact our friendly team and let us know how we can help find you the perfect floor!