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A+ Hardwood Floors Brings You Heated Floors

Of course, you can add radiant heated floors to your Denver, CO home! A+ Hardwood Floors is the team to call when you need help selecting suitable materials and obtaining supplies. We can even help with installation if you decide you need assistance or want professionals to handle the job. Our team is happy to assist in any way we can and will get you the answers you need when attempting to add radiant heating floors throughout your house. Denver is no stranger to cold weather, and if you have hardwood floors, you know how cold they can be when climbing out of bed. It may actually keep you longer under the covers. With radiant heated floors, you can move quicker about your day and enjoy your space while adding overall value to your home. Give A+ Hardwood Floors a call when you are ready to begin the process of adding radiant heated floors. We will help you get everything ready and answer any questions you may have about the procedure. Our staff can also help when your type of flooring may not be in the appropriate shape for the installation process.

What Are Radiant Heated Floors?

If you are unaware, those cold floors you experience in the winter mornings can be a thing of the past, thanks to innovations and advancements in the flooring industry. Radiant heated floors are more accessible than ever to obtain in your Denver home, thanks to professional teams like A+ Hardwood Floors. We can help you acquire the materials, equipment, and supplies to get the job done yourself, or we can install them ourselves for you. We can also help when your hardwood flooring needs repairs or regular maintenance.

This reasonably new comfort flooring addition for your house uses either electric coils or a series of tubing carrying hot water through them to heat your hardwood flooring. Traditionally, this option was only available for under tile floors, but now A+ Hardwood Floors can help warm your hardwood as well. It can get installed under your existing hardwood or before you lay down newer slats.

How Radiant Heated Floors Improve Your Denver Home

Radiant heated floors make your winter morning more bearable by allowing you to step out of bed or the shower onto warmed hardwood flooring instead of a freezing ice rink in your house. Allow us to help by providing you assistance with our experience and knowledge to ensure you get the job done effectively and efficiently. Not only will your floor get warmed, but it can also help warm the room and keep a comfortable temperature. Thanks to the heat coming from the flooring, you can open up your room from unsightly heaters throughout your home. Get more from your space and give yourself options for pictures, posters, and other decorations. You will also be able to manage the humidity in your house better since your furnace will not need to be used as often with radiant heated flooring.

The Installation Process For Radiant Heated Floors

Whether you want to perform the installation services yourself or you would like the assistance of our well-trained and -qualified flooring specialists, A+ Hardwood Floors is the team to call. Our specialists have all the answers you need when beginning the process and cannot wait to help you get heated floors today. One thing to consider is the type of flooring you have. While floating and locking flooring is the best kind, it is not the only type that works with radiant heaters. You can use glue or nailed-down options; it just may be trickier or more complicated when it comes to offering repairs to the heating system and can affect how your wood reacts. The floating and locking method of hardwood flooring works easier when there are issues with the system and when installing.

Benefits of Adding Radiant Heated Floors

Adding radiant heated flooring to your home is an excellent addition because you get personal use out of it, and the value-added comes into play when you begin to place your Denver house on the market. This new technology can significantly boost the appeal of your home over others in the metro area because the feature is something potential buyers would love to have without having to go through the installation process themselves. Increase the asking amount from the jump and put something unique in your listing to draw in viewings and offers. Check out these other benefits and reach out to A+ Hardwood Floors if you have further questions:

Energy Efficient: Radiant heated floors do not require ductwork to deliver the necessary heat for your floors which means there are no losses. Baseboard and forced-air heating is not nearly as efficient and will cost you more month after month.

Quiet Operation: Tired of hearing your furnace kicking on and off again? Try going with radiant heated flooring to warm your rooms and keep your floors from feeling like an ice skating rink. This system quietly heats your floors, and because heat rises, your whole room can begin to feel more comfortable without loud noises coming from your basement or heater closet. Enjoy warmth in peace and quiet.

Reduced Allergies: Since there is no ductwork, there is no dust to pick up and kick around the home. Reducing the amount of dust will significantly help control your allergens and assist you and those under your roof stay healthier throughout the year.

Flexible Fuel Sources: There are multiple options when looking at how to source the energy for your radiant heat. A+ Hardwood Floors can make it so you can use water, gas, wood, solar, or combinations of these options. We will help you select the best, most energy-efficient, and cost-effective solution.

Room By Room Option: Since you can install radiant heated flooring anywhere, you can choose to do so room by room. Maybe you don’t spend as much time in your guest room, or your current heating option does not get to every room properly. You can choose only to use it in these rooms to save time and money on installation and materials.

Easy Maintenance: Because there is no ductwork to install, it also means you will not have to maintain it. Ductwork is one of the biggest reasons Denver residents have issues with their heat. Holes in the system can prevent heat from reaching every room, and problems with dirt, dust, dander, mold, mildew, and more can lead to you calling an HVAC specialist and early replacements.

Limitations on Radiant Heated Flooring

While radiant heated flooring is an excellent option for many homes in the Denver metro area, it, unfortunately, isn’t the best option for every home. A+ Hardwood Floors can help you discover if this system can help your home get better heat and prevent your feet from touching cold floors again this winter. Some species of wood will not help transfer the heat as well as others. You also need to consider the thickness of the wood currently on your floors before choosing for installation. Because of the heat, the wood will react by naturally expanding and shrinking, creating spaces between the slats and causing issues. Our experts will work with you to ensure there is no wasted time or money when looking to switch to heated flooring in your home. Count on us to be upfront and honest about your next moves with your floors.

Call A+ Hardwood Floors Today When You Need More Assistance

If you have further questions or would like to schedule an initial consultation to see if your Denver home is ready for radiant heated flooring, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our staff would be happy to help in any way we can. This process is just one of the many innovations flooring has seen in recent years. And if you need another option, we will do everything in our power to help. We can even consider replacing your flooring to help make it the better-qualified choice for heated flooring. We are the number one flooring team in the state and have plenty of experience and knowledge to get you the flooring to make your house a home.