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What We Do

We install and restore all types of hardwood floors, listed below are some examples of what we can do for you.

Pre-finished Hardwood Floors

Pre-finished hardwood floors are a great option if you want to avoid having floors sanded, stained, and sealed inside your home or business. A relatively new concept in the history of hardwood floors, pre-finished hardwood floors are stained and finished in a factory, and we professionally install them for you.

Pre-finished floors are typically made out of 3/4″ thick solid wood or an engineered product that has a top layer of real wood that can be sanded and refinished 3-4 times if needed. These floors have a lifetime structural warranty as well.

Site Finished Flooring

We install raw wood floors that need to be sanded and finished on site. With this process, you get to choose the stain color during the process.

modern living room with light colored flooring and blue walls

Custom Installations

At A+ Hardwood Floors, we can install just about any type of custom hardwood flooring, including:

  • Wood flooring with decorative patterns, including borders and inlays
  • Distressed / reclaimed wood flooring, including barn wood, rustic wood, and antique wood
  • Exotic wood flooring, including bamboo and teak.


We can make old, deteriorated and worn hardwood floors look like new again in a matter of a few days. We can completely change the color of your existing floors by staining them. You get to choose the color from samples laid directly on your floors so you can see how it will look with your furniture, paint, and lighting. We use the best commercially rated finishes that, with proper maintenance, will last a lifetime.

Screen and Recoat

Screen and recoating is considered a regular part of your hardwood floor care. Screen and recoating is a one-day, dust free process that will remove minor scratches and wear of your floor. It is recommended that you have your floors screen and recoated every 2-4 years. With this process, we can work around any large pieces of furniture that you rarely move and also change your sheen level.


We can repair almost every type of floor damage. From water damage to pet stains or burns, we do it all. We can even replace an entire floor.

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