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Our Policies

When we come to your home or business to give you a free estimate, we’ll do a walk-through and cover all of our policies and recommendations in detail. Below are a few general guidelines.

living room with light blue furniture and rustic looking wood flooring
Furniture Removal/Storage

We don’t move furniture, but we can make arrangements with a professional moving company to have your furniture moved out of the room(s) we’re working on and stored in a curbside pod, if necessary.

Using Your Room(s) Again

After we’ve finished installing, repairing, or refinishing your hardwood floors, we’ll give you specific instructions on when you can start using the rooms again. We’ll let you know when you can walk on the hardwood floors, when you can place area rugs, and when you can arrange furniture.

Furnace Filter

It’s a good practice to replace your furnace filter after we’ve completed your hardwood flooring project. Even with our dustless hardwood floor refinishing system, fine particles can still get stirred up during the installation, repair, and refinishing processes.

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